When You Should Call the Police After an Auto Collision

When You Should Call the Police After an Auto Collision

Imagine you’re driving down a side street in Indianapolis, one minute you’re driving along, and everything is fine and the next you are involved in an auto collision. You’re a little shocked, kind of angry, and a little scared. You know you must get out of the car and make sure everyone is okay and exchange information. However, you might be wondering if and when you should call the police.

Do You Have to Call the Police?

Most people just assume that unless someone is injured or there is damage resulting in expensive repairs, that you’re fine just exchanging information. That type of thinking, however, can lead to all sorts of problems for you later.

First off, let’s make one thing clear. If you are involved in an auto collision of any kind, you need to call the police immediately. If there is an injury due to the collision, of course, you will want to call 911 first and get emergency services on the scene, but then you will want to call the local police department after they have arrived. This is to protect you. A police officer will come to the scene of an accident and they will write out a police report.

How Can the Police Help?

The police report they write up will be extremely valuable to you in the ensuing insurance claim or personal injury litigation. That’s why it’s extremely important you talk to the officer on the scene and get their personal information, so you can request a copy of the police report.

If the collision does lead to a claim or litigation, this report will become very important. For instance, if you need to hire a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis they will want a copy of that police report, as will your insurance company for any claims.

Obtaining a copy of the report generally costs a small fee, though you are going to want to pay that fee so that you can have your copy of the police report. While you may not want to pay that fee at the time, you will wish you had in the event that the collision requires legal action.  

Will the Cops Always Come?

Of course, in a large metropolitan area like Indianapolis, the police probably will not come out for a minor fender bender. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call them. Even in large cities, call the police immediately. They may instruct you to simply exchange your information with the other driver. If that’s the case, do what they tell you and make sure to take pictures of any damage as soon as you have the chance.

It’s understandable that in the event of a small collision you may not want to get the authorities involved. You may think that calling the authorities will only complicate things if the accident is small enough, but it is just a preventative measure to protect you in the case of an insurance claim or a trial.

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