How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in New York

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in New York

Traffic tickets are given to drivers who have been caught violating the laws. Each offense can result in points added to their driving records. If you accumulate enough points within a specific period, then you may be slapped with a license suspension and other penalties. This is on top of the fines that must be paid for each ticket. If you feel that you were unfairly charged, then take a stand. Here is how to fight a traffic ticket in New York:

Answer the Ticket

Read it carefully once you receive the ticket. It should have all the pertinent details including the type of charge, the time of the incident, and the place where it happened. At the back, will be choices for your plea. If you plead guilty, then you can simply pay the fine and move on. If you plead not guilty, then you will have the chance to defend yourself from the charges and possibly avoid the fines. Fines can run up to thousands of dollars depending on the offense, so paying them is not always easy. It can be worth your while to clear your name and save your wallet.

Schedule a Hearing

Once you send back the ticket with a not guilty plea, the office overseeing this operation will schedule a hearing where you can face the issuing officer in court. Both parties can present evidence and witnesses to prove their claims. It is possible to have this hearing rescheduled but do it in advance to avoid problems. If you try to postpone it a second time, then you will have to appear personally and provide a justifiable reason for the delay. You might want to attend other hearings to see how they are conducted. These are open to the public, so you can just sit and observe the proceedings.

Mount a Defense in Court

On the day of your hearing, be there promptly and dress appropriately. The issuing officer will tell the court the reason for the ticket. After this, you may present evidence to dispute the allegations. If this is a speeding ticket, then you may claim that you were falsely identified or that their tool was inaccurate. There are several possible defenses for every type of violation. Choose wisely based on the situation.

While you can go to these special traffic courts without a lawyer, having one at your side will increase your chances of winning the case. Get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer in NYC to develop a solid legal strategy.

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