How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy as a solution for couples unable to conceive has become increasingly commonplace and accepted; several thousand surrogacies take place in the US every year, and many other countries have embraced the concept.

However, it’s still not an easy decision for most people to make, and choosing an agency can be a challenge. If you are wondering how to choose a surrogacy agency, it will take plenty of research, perhaps talking to others who have gone through the process, and gathering as much information as possible. Don’t let the cost solely influence your decision; you also want to deal with a reputable, well established and approachable agency, on that is compassionate and caring about its clients, yet professional at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to if your goal is to find the top US surrogacy center. During the introductory meeting you may want to ask not only how long the agency has been in business, but what motivated them to provide this service and what are their values and beliefs. You may want to establish whether any lawsuits have been brought against the agency, which doesn’t necessarily mean you should exclude them, but which can be a red flag. Also important to you will be the ┬áspecialists and clinics that the agency has relationships with.

One of your biggest concerns is ensuring that the agency’s surrogates are thoroughly pre-screened. proper pre-screening of a surrogate involves far more than simply talking to that person on the phone or filling in paperwork; it should involve psychological screening, social worker visits, a criminal background check, verifying financial background, and of course a full medical check. Most surrogacy agencies are happy to explain their screening process, and understand that to potential parents, it’s one of their biggest concerns.

Of course, the financial side of the process is important too, as you can assume this process will cost you at least $50,000, and often a lot more than that. You will need to know what exactly is included in the agency’s fees, what the extent of any payment plan is, how the surrogates are paid and how the agency’s financial affairs are handled, as well as whether you will need additional funds to cover legal costs.

Feeling confident and comfortable with the surrogacy agency you have chosen is an important part of the overall process.

Andrew Castro

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