How Injured Do You Need to Be to Sue?

How Injured Do You Need to Be to Sue?

You’ve seen one of many commercials telling you to come to some law firm with your injuries. Whether it’s a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, or a mistake by your doctor, you might have already suffered an injury, and you’re thinking about whether it’s worth it to file.

However, your injuries don’t seem that serious to you, and you’re concerned that you’re not injured enough. So, what’s the threshold that you have to meet? How hurt do you need to be to sue?

While there’s no list of injuries that you can file a claim for, contact a personal injury law firm

for help with your claim. A lawyer can review your injury and its impact, then help you decide whether to file your claim.

Dealing with the Costs

First, look at the expenses you’ve accrued after the accident. If you have suffered a monetary loss for your injuries, you might need to file a claim with the insurance company and get your compensation for the financial damages you’ve suffered.

This financial loss doesn’t just mean your medical expenses, however. If your injuries are serious enough, you may be unable to work for some time, which means a loss of income. Since you wouldn’t have missed that work if you weren’t injured, you should include these as well in your claim.

As such, if you’ve suffered because someone else was careless with your safety, consider taking your claim to a personal injury lawyer. They can help you determine whether your case qualifies and what your claim is worth.

The Impact on Your Life

However, an injury doesn’t just make an impact on your bank account. An injury can affect your life in intangible but important ways that may also warrant compensation.

For example, let’s say you’re a model, and you were in a car accident. Your medical bills aren’t very high, but you did break your nose, and the damage is especially visible. Now, it’s affecting your job. As a model, you rely on your looks, and a broken nose can hurt you in more ways than physical.

As such, you might argue that your injuries have affected your quality of life. Your job has been affected, and that has caused you more suffering than a broken nose might cause people working in a different industry.

So, if you’re concerned about the emotional and mental impact of your injury, speak to your lawyer. They can look at the severity of your injuries and what compensation you should receive for that injury.

Getting Compensated for an Injury

When it comes to an injury, many of us might say, “Is it that bad?” A lawsuit can be a lengthy, difficult process, and you might be concerned that your injuries aren’t serious enough to warrant a claim.

However, any injury that is expensive to you could be grounds for a lawsuit. If you’re concerned about the costs of your injuries, but you’re not sure that you qualify for a personal injury suit, speak to a lawyer about your claim. They’ll review your case and help you decide what your next steps will be.

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