Getting Help with a Divorce in Terre Haute, IN

Getting Help with a Divorce in Terre Haute, IN

According to a 2016 report by, Indiana has the sixth highest divorce rate in the United States. The primary cause of divorce is low incomes. The Indiana median household income is around $5,000 less than the nationwide average.

As of 2017, Indiana has a population of over 6 million people. Around 40% of Indiana’s population is married. This state has one of the highest marriage rates in America.

In 2016, 19 out of every 1000 married individuals in Indiana divorced. The state with the highest divorce rate is Arkansas, with a divorce rate of 23 out of every 1,000 married people. Getting help with a divorce in Terre Haute, IN is important for those who want to divorce.

Financial Hardships and Child Problems in Indiana

According to Wikipedia, the divorce rate in America is higher for low-income couples (17%), compared to high-income couples (11%).

Many Indiana citizens are facing financial hardships. Some are earning less than they are supposed to earn. There are those who have papers but do not have jobs. They are also bothered by credit card debt, mortgage debt and other debts. All these contribute to marriage failure.

Couples in Indiana frequently argue about finances and children. These create discord in a relationship and form the foundation for divorce.

Divorce Variables in Indiana


Lower income increases the likelihood of divorce. Men with higher incomes are less likely to seek divorce. Higher income couples have less financial strains and that facilitates marriage longevity.

Education Level

Educated couples tend to divorce less than uneducated couples do. A 2012 study by Pew Research Center showed that marriages, where both partners have a bachelor’s degree, are highly likely to last past the second decade.


Crossing racial/ethnic lines increases the probability of divorce. A 2008 study by Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) showed that interracial couples had a higher divorce rate than same-race couples.

Interracial marriages involving white females and non-white males are highly susceptible to divorce. According to the study, Black husband and White wife marriages are twice more likely to end up in divorce than all White couples.

White and Hispanic couples also have a higher divorce rate than White/White marriages. Black wife and White husband marriages are 44% less likely to end up in divorce compared to White/White marriages.

The Bottom Line

You should not handle Indiana divorce without professional assistance. Getting help with a divorce in Terre Haute, IN should be the case. A Terre Haute divorce lawyer will help with child custody, property division, child maintenance, and visitation rights among other issues.  The lawyer will offer you advice and represent you in court.



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