Common Causes of Spine Injuries

Common Causes of Spine Injuries

Dealing with any injury can affect your day-to-day, it’s at best a nuisance. At worst, you could be struggling to recover from your injuries and get back to your life. Sadly, spinal cord injuries are usually devastating and can haunt you for the rest of your life.

What causes these spinal injuries? Serious accidents can be tough to avoid, but protecting yourself from these difficult injuries can be tough. Knowing what to expect and how to fight back will be vital to your claim, so be prepared before and after an accident.

Car Accidents

Often, spine injuries come from traumatic impacts. While your spinal cord is surrounded by bone that should protect it, enough force can shatter those bones. When that happens, the spinal cord may be completely or incompletely severed. If you suffered a complete injury, you’ll have no feeling or mobility below the point of the injury.

Unfortunately, that’s not a rare situation for those in serious car accidents. The force of the impact can damage the spine, leaving you possibly paralyzed after an accident. These injuries can take months to recover from, and you may never fully regain mobility and sensation.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

While your accident may not be as serious as a car accident, it can still cause a lot of suffering. For example, many people suffer back and spine injuries from serious falls. While it might not cause a complete injury, it can still damage your spine.

An incomplete injury might not be as devastating, but it can still leave you in a difficult position. You may need rehabilitation, therapy, or surgery to fully regain your sensation or range of motion, and that takes both time and money. If you’ve suffered a spine injury and need compensation for it, you’ll need to fight back for the funds you need to recover.

Compensation for a Spine Injury

It’s unfortunate, but spinal injuries can happen in many types of accidents, from a simple fall to a devastating car crash. You might be left with some physical therapy and medical care, or you may need rehabilitation to deal with your permanent impairment.

If you’ve suffered a spine injury, no matter what the cause, you’ll need an injury lawyer in Boston to help you recover. It can be tough to fight back for your spine injury compensation alone, but fortunately, a lawyer can guide you through it. They want you to succeed with your claim, so reach out for the help you need today.

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