Can a Personal Injury Claim Bring You Justice?

Personal injury claims are frustrating for victims. I should know, as I talk to a lot of victims who’ve been injured in accidents. If you’ve been hurt, a claim could be just what you need to get past your accident and focus on your future. 

For example, if you are injured in a slip-and-fall accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you could file an Ann Arbor injury claim and receive a settlement from the person who caused your accident. 

This settlement can bring you a sense of justice and peace. You’ll know that the person who caused your accident has been taught a lesson. That’s important because you could dwell on your accident for a long time if the person responsible isn’t held to account.

How Injury Victims Can Get Help 

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you are likely struggling with physical pain, mental distress, worry over bills, or worry over the seriousness of your injuries. This is a lot already on your plate, so the thought of filing a personal injury claim can be daunting. 

For that reason alone, many people don’t ever bother attempting to file a personal injury claim. But, they’re really only hurting themselves. They are denying themselves the money they are owed for an accident and injuries they didn’t cause. You need to know there are lawyers out there who can help you with your claim. 

In most cases, you will have to do very little as your lawyer will do most of the work. They will remain in contact with you and let you know how your claim is progressing.

What Type of Compensation You Could Receive

You can receive monetary compensation for your accident and the accident-related losses you suffered. 

For example, if your injuries caused you to deal with medical bills,  and you could receive money to pay for those expenses. You could also receive money to pay you back for any lost income you are dealing with. You could be compensated for non-financial losses as well such as pain, trauma, lost life happiness, permanent injury, and more.

Victims, Return for More Information

Now you know how to file a personal injury claim after an accident and why it’s so important to do so. You also know you can get help.

I’m Rosenberg Morse, and I am happy you found my blog. I remain dedicated to providing victims with useful information to help them overcome challenging situations.

What Are a Personal Injury Victim’s Rights?

Rosenberg Morse is back to give you more information on victims’ rights. Today, we are focused on the rights of personal injury victims. This topic idea came to me after a conversation with a Tampa personal injury lawyer. They told me many injury victims don’t know their rights and that lack of knowledge can actually harm their cases.

So, today, let’s talk about the rights of a personal injury victim.

You Have the Right to Be Safe

You actually have a right to be safe in this country. If someone harms you, they could be held accountable for the injuries you suffer. Whether they are held responsible in criminal or civil court, they could be punished for what they did.

For example, if someone assaults you, they could be convicted of assault and be sentenced to jail. 

The Right to Sue

You also have the right to sue someone if they cause you harm. You can obviously sue someone if they intentionally harm you. But, what if someone harms you without meaning to? Some people accidentally cause others to be hurt. Can they be held accountable in that situation? Yes, they can. You can sue someone whose actions resulted in you being injured.

For example, if a vehicle driver hits you and hurts you, you could sue the driver. If a dog attacks you and you are injured, you could sue the dog’s owner. If you slip at a grocery store due to negligence on the part of the store owner or store workers, you could sue.

The Right to an Attorney

Of course, you have the right to have an attorney help you with a civil case. Just like with a criminal case, your lawyer can protect your rights and your best interests. They can guide you through the civil claims process so you can get justice and compensation for the harm you endured. 

Many people try to file injury claims on their own, but this can be a mistake. You can have a lawyer help you with your case.

Personal Injury Victims Have Rights. Know What They Are

When a lawyer helps you, you are less likely to inadvertently harm your case. For example, if you talk to the at-fault person’s insurance company without a lawyer, you could tell them something they could use against you.

Remember you have rights; know your rights, and get help with your case if you need it. Rosenberg Morse will be back soon to share more information that could help victims deal with legal issues. 

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Securities Fraud

There are many different kinds of victims and many different kinds of crimes. However, criminals don’t wear a sign that says they are a criminal and it can be difficult to spot them. They are often people you trust; sometimes, they’re people you trust to handle your money. 

I’m Rosenberg Morse, a person who cares about victims and preventing victimization from occurring. I’m here to shine a bright light on the different ways you could be victimized by others.

Today, we’re going to be discussing securities fraud and how this type of crime can negatively affect your life.

What Is Securities Fraud?

The term “securities fraud” actually encapsulates a wide range of criminal behaviors, some with different intentions. For example, if you have a stockbroker who lies to you about an investment and you lose money, this could be an example of securities fraud.

Many different people can commit crimes that fall under the umbrella of securities fraud. Embezzlement, insider trading, and theft from investors are some examples of securities fraud. This type of behavior is often known as white collar criminal behavior.

How Securities Fraud Can Affect Your Life

People are usually motivated by money when they commit securities fraud behaviors. If you become a victim of securities fraud, it can affect you in a number of negative ways. 

First of all, you are likely to lose money. For instance, if you have a mutual fund and the firm is engaging in shady practices, you could be losing money because of their behavior.

If you work for a major company, you might learn that corporate fraud is going on. If this fraud is exposed by a whistleblower, your company could go out of business.

During the mortgage crisis in the early 2000s, many people lost their homes due to shady loan practices by banks and others in the housing industry.

You can see that securities fraud can be a problem. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of this type of criminal conduct, here are a few tips:

  • Be proactive about monitoring your money.
  • Don’t be too trusting—always follow the paper trail.
  • If you suspect someone of fraudulent or illegal behavior, report it.
  • Don’t put all of your money in one place or one investment.

Have you Been Victimized? 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hopefully, this information will help you avoid becoming the next victim of securities fraud. If not, you may want to talk to a securities fraud whistleblower lawyer about holding accountable the person who committed this crime. If you have knowledge of someone who is engaging in criminal behavior, you should report it.

Return to my blog for more information designed to protect you from becoming a victim.

Catastrophic Personal Injuries Should Result in a Larger Settlement

I’m Rosenberg Morse, and thank you for returning to my blog. I am a strong supporter of victims’ rights, and I will continue sharing resources and information that could help victims deal with the negative circumstances they didn’t ask for. 

Today, I’m discussing with you how those who’ve sustained serious personal injuries should receive a larger settlement to pay for their losses.

Why Should Catastrophic Injury Victims Receive Large Settlements?

When you think of an injury, you might picture a broken bone or burn injury or some other minor injury that will eventually heal. These are personal injuries and those who suffer from them are still injury victims, but there are some who deal with much more serious injuries.

For example, some injury victims sustain catastrophic injuries that will never heal fully. If you lose a limb, you won’t get one back. If you sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI), your brain functioning could be forever altered. These victims of serious injuries will need a larger settlement than those who suffer from minor injuries. 

The reason they deserve a greater settlement is because they have greater losses. For instance, someone who suffers from a brain injury might never be able to return to work. They might not be able to enjoy their life the way they once did. They should be compensated for their serious injuries.

Compensation for a Serious Injury

Your personal injury settlement should account for all of the suffering you’ve endured. If you suffered from mental health issues due to your injury, you deserve to receive compensation for that. If you have sustained scarring or disfigurement, those issues should be addressed in your settlement.

Here is a list of damages for which you might be owed a settlement:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income or loss of the ability to work
  • Scarring/disfigurement
  • Medical treatment costs, such as hospital bills, medication costs, and copays
  • Cost of physical therapy
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Mental distress and cost of treatment
  • Property damage

Winning an injury claim could allow you to receive a settlement to pay for these losses.

Are You a Victim of a Crime or Serious Injury?

Victims should receive full compensation for injuries they suffered but didn’t cause. Catastrophic injuries change lives and your settlement amount should reflect that. If you’re a victim of a crime or of an injury accident caused by someone else, visit my blog to learn more about resources and support for victims.

Understanding Car Accident Laws in Colorado

Hello there! I’m Rosenberg Morse, and I’m a strong advocate of victims’ rights. I want victims to have the resources and information they need to handle any situation. Today, we’re discussing the car crash laws that you need to know if you’re a victim of a wreck in Colorado.  

Victims of auto accidents often don’t know what to do after their collision. They aren’t sure whether they should file an insurance claim with their own insurance provider or whether they should contact a Denver car accident lawyer for help. 

Whatever situation you find yourself in following a collision, you’re likely to better understand your options if you know the laws related to vehicle collisions that take place in Colorado.

Important Colorado Auto Accident Laws to Know

Fault Law

The first law you should know about is known as a fault law. Colorado is a “fault” state when it comes to dealing with who is responsible in a vehicle collision. This simply means that the person who caused the accident is the one who could be required to pay for it. 

Some states use a no fault system where every person pays for their own damages using their own insurance regardless of who caused the collision.

Comparative Fault Law

The law of comparative fault in Colorado allows an injury victim to file a claim against another involved person so long as the other person’s fault is greater than yours. 

For example, if you’re in a car accident and the other person is deemed 90 percent responsible for the crash, and you’re considered 10 percent responsible, you can file a claim, but your claim’s value will be lessened by the fault assigned to you.

Statute of Limitations

The state of Colorado gives accident victims three years to bring an injury claim or lawsuit against a negligent party. This time frame begins on the day of your accident. 

You should also know that the statute of limitations does not apply to insurance companies, and you should notify insurers as soon as possible of an accident, including the other person’s insurance company.

Are You a Victim of a Car Accident?

As a victim, your rights should be respected. I, Rosenberg Morse, believe that car accident victims go through enough following a vehicle collision, and they don’t need to also deal with mistreatment from the insurance companies or others involved in their vehicle accident claim. Hopefully, this information on car accident laws in Colorado will help you with your situation.

How a Back Injury Can Negatively Affect Your Life

Hello there! I’m Rosenberg Morse, and welcome back to my blog. Today, we are talking about how a back injury can negatively impact your life.

People can be hurt in so many ways, and they deal with injuries that can change their lives forever. A common injury that causes great pain and can negatively impact your life is a back injury. Some people aren’t familiar with just how painful and life altering a back injury can be. 

Back injury victims face a lot of skepticism from insurance companies that treat the victims poorly. Because back injuries can be difficult to understand, insurers will act like the injury victims are making up their back injuries or exaggerating the pain of their injuries. 

Victims don’t deserve to be treated this way, especially when they did not cause the accident that harmed them.

What Causes Back Injuries?

Many different events can lead to back injuries, such as car accidents, assault or violence, slip-and-falls, falling from a great height, trucking wrecks, being struck by falling objects, and motorcycle crashes.

When your back has been injured, you may be in incredible pain, or you may not be able to work like you once did. Back injuries may not be operable, which means you’re stuck dealing with pain and mobility issues for a long time, if not forever. In addition, many back injury sufferers require medication, which they can become dependent upon or addicted to.

How Your Back Injury Can Cause Upheaval in Your Life

Back injuries can prevent you from enjoying your life the way you once did, leading to depression, lost income, and emotional and mental trauma. The person who caused your back injuries must be held to account for them. 

For example, let’s discuss a rollover collision in Chicago that left four people with serious injuries. One of those victims may have sustained serious back injuries or spinal damage that could leave them with permanent injuries or even paralysis. One of these victims may even reach out to an attorney for help for assistance with suing the person who caused the collision.  

Have You Sustained a Serious Back Injury?

I, Rosenberg Morse, believe that victims have rights. If you’ve been injured in an accident not of your making, you may be able to seek damages from the person responsible. You don’t have to let wrongful actions go unpunished. 

You may consider partnering with a lawyer in order to recover your damages following an accident. You should definitely seek medical attention after a collision or other accident that caused you serious back injuries. Don’t ignore back pain. You have a right to justice for your experience.

Can an Injury Settlement Cover Mental Health Treatment Costs?

Hello there! Rosenberg Morse is back, and today I am discussing whether a personal injury settlement can cover the mental health treatment you’ve been paying for, which was brought about because of a personal injury you didn’t cause. 

A Denver injury attorney was kind enough to share some information with me about which damages you can include in your injury claim.

I hope that by sharing this information with you, it will help you to get the most out of your personal injury claim. 

What Are “Damages?”

You have probably heard the term “damages,” but you might not understand what it means. Damages are the losses an injury victim faced due to an accident or event they were hurt in. When someone caused your injury, they can be ordered to pay you “damages” or compensation for your injury.

There are two main ways you can be compensated for damages. One, you can file a personal injury claim with the negligent person’s insurance company. The insurer can then offer you a settlement to account for the losses you’ve faced. Two, you can be awarded financial compensation in a lawsuit if you take your case to court.

The goal of any settlement is to compensate the injured victim, also known as YOU, for the negative effects of your accident. You can be compensated for physical pain, lost wages, medical care costs, and lost quality of life. Mental trauma, and the costs associated with treating your trauma, should certainly qualify as negative effects of an accident.

If you experienced mental trauma related to your injury, and you paid for mental health services because of that trauma, you absolutely could include those damages in your injury claim.

How to Add Mental Health Treatment Costs to a Claim

Any out-of-pocket expenses you paid to a mental health provider can be listed in your claim. You should gather proof of those expenses. You will provide the negligent person’s insurance company with this evidence so that they will not challenge you on your right to compensation for these costs.

Have You Been Victimized? Find Information that Can Help Here

Mental trauma and the costs associated with treatment are damages. You are entitled to compensation if you were injured because of another person’s negligence. Don’t forget to include these damages in your injury claim because you deserve total and fair compensation for any losses you experienced due to an accident you didn’t cause.

I’m Rosenberg Morse, and I believe that victims deserve support and assistance during a difficult time in their lives. 

How to Combat Identity Theft

Hello there! I’m Rosenberg Morse, and today we’re going to talk about identity theft and how you can avoid becoming a victim. Most people have at least heard of identity theft, but like many things in life, you may not think it can happen to you. Well, it can happen to you; it can happen to anyone! 

It happened to a friend of mine, who found out while in the process of dealing with a workers compensation case with a Durham workers compensation lawyer

Are you doing enough to protect your identity? Probably not. There are a few things you can do that make it much less likely that your identity will be stolen. Read through some tips I have for you on keeping your information to yourself so that you don’t become the next victim of identity theft. 

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal identification in an attempt to commit fraudulent acts. They want your information, such as social security number, name, address, and birth date, because this is the information often requested when applying for credit, jobs, or receiving medical treatment. Sometimes they will even commit criminal acts in your name!

When someone steals your identity, they use your information to gain access to the things they want. That means you need to protect this information carefully.

First, you need to ensure that you dispose of documents containing this information thoroughly. That means shredding anything that has your name, address, birth date, and social security number on it. I would take that a step further and say you should shred anything with your name, address, and account numbers on it as well.

Next, you need to be careful to protect your accounts online. Ensure that you are creating passwords that are difficult for hackers to break. Once they have access to your information, they will use it against you.

Finally, you should be monitoring your credit on a regular basis. You should be checking your credit report (with all three bureaus) at least once a year to catch any discrepancies before they cause lasting damage to your credit and identity. You may also want to consider paying for a credit monitoring service.

Have You Been a Victim of Identity Theft?

Many people were victimized in a cyber security attack on Equifax two years ago. Their identities and credit information were stolen. 

If you’ve already been victimized, you should take action immediately to restore your credit. You will need to work closely with the three major credit bureaus to see that your credit reports are repaired. You might need to acquire identity theft protection services and credit monitoring to see that this doesn’t happen to you again. 

How to Obtain a Police or Traffic Report

Hello again! I’m Rosenberg Morse, and I’m here with you today to help you get the information you need to resolve your legal issues. I’m dedicated to helping the victims of crimes or injuries learn what they need to know to obtain justice for what has happened to them.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, an important piece of evidence used in proving your case is a police or accident report. Depending on what type of accident you were injured in, you might need one or the other, or both. I was talking to a Spokane injury lawyer who reported that many accident and injury victims don’t know how to go about obtaining the legal documents they need to win their insurance claims.

A lawyer can, of course, help you to find and secure the documents you need, but there are likely situations where you will need to do this on your own. For that reason, I’ve put together the general steps so you can know where to start.

Obtaining a Police or Accident Report Where You Live

Every state is a little different with regard to how you obtain traffic or police reports. Here are a few things you need to figure out before you can begin the process:

  1. You need to know where the accident occurred, who was involved, and which police agency helped with your accident. If it was an auto wreck you were injured in, you will likely be looking to obtain a traffic/crash report. If you were injured in a different type of accident, or your injury was brought about by criminal behavior, you may be after a police report.
  2. Figuring out which agency responded to your accident is important because many agencies maintain their own records.
  3. Once you have all the needed information, you can call the agency and request the report. Some agencies allow you to request a report online, in-person, by fax, or by mail. Check with the agency to find out the best way to obtain your report. In some situations, you may have to pay a small fee for the report.

Why do you need a report? Because you will need it to prove an injury claim. Even if you are filing an insurance claim with your own insurance company, they will likely request this documentation.

Rosenberg Morse is Here to Help You Find What You Need

I hope this information was helpful for you and you are able to obtain the police report or accident report you need.

Remember, as a victim, you have rights. I, Rosenberg Morse, believe in decreasing the negative aftereffects of an accident that a victim faces. When you’re able to find the resources you need, the aftermath of an accident can be easier to deal with.