Suing a Government Entity in Washington State

If you’ve suffered a serious injury, you need compensation that covers the expenses of that injury. You’re injury resulted from another person’s carelessness, something from which it is difficult to recover without help. However, what if the negligent party belonged to a government entity?

Suing the government isn’t easy. You’re dealing with a powerful group that has a great deal of protection under the law, which makes it difficult to take action against them. Contacting a firm that can help, like a Craig Swapp & Associates Washington attorney, will make getting your compensation easier, but you must know what to do when injured by a government entity.

If you’re suing a government agency, keep the following information in mind for your claim. You must protect your claim to get the compensation you deserve.

File Your Claim Properly

Filing a personal injury claim against a government entity is often a complicated process. While your typical personal injury claim means going to the courthouse and filing a claim, you must take a few more steps to file against the government. It begins with filing the correct forms with the Office of Risk Management.

You must file several pieces of information, such as your personal information, how your injury occurred, descriptions of the injuries, and how much you seek in damages. Once you’ve done this, you must wait 60 days for further action, while the government agency decides whether to approve your claim and pay your settlement, or deny your claim and take it to court.  

File in Time

Keep in mind that you have a limited time to file your claim. While you have the same amount of time for a government claim as you would for any other claim– three years— it’s best to act as soon as possible to file your claim and get started right away.

Three years may seem like plenty of time to file a claim, but don’t depend on that. You’re suffering from serious injuries that make it difficult to function, and may therefore impede your ability to handle your claim as well as you could before the incident occurred.

You must act fast, so speak to a lawyer at once. They’ll guide you through the process and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Get Help with Your Claim

If you’re thinking about suing a government agency for your damages, reach out for help from an attorney. Dealing with a claim is difficult enough without the complications that a claim against the government brings. You’re already injured and struggling with the complications from the incident. So, why make it more difficult on yourself by fighting back alone?

Suing a government agency isn’t easy, but with the right help, you can recover the compensation you need, and deserve, for your recovery.




The relationship between the law and moral values of the society is very broad and an important issue of discourse, generating different reactions from different individuals. The both concepts may be thought to belong to different classes of knowledge, but the influence of ethical and moral values on the law cannot be overlooked. For some philosophers, the law sets the minimum standard for human behavior while ethics set the maximum standard for human conduct. In anyway, both of them set the society on the path of achieving more good and eschewing evil vices.


The refers to the specialized form of social control familiar in modern, secular, politically organized societies. These laws set the minimum standard for actions in the society and creating barriers to the freewill of man as to promote order within the society. Laws are enforced by the agencies of the state and there are penalties for breaking them.


Morality or ethics is a social burden that seeks to create a perfect society through proper pro-social understanding and behavior. They outline the correct and ideal code of conduct for a society. They are passed down across generations and are subject to change depending on the era. Disobedience to ethical values won’t bring about civil punishments but will attract social disapproval.


The laws are made by humans to make life easier and promote social good of the society. Since law is not partied in a vacuum and the laws are made by persons who bear moral convictions, the law will surely be influenced by the moral and ethical standards of the society. Laws are a reflection of the moral disposition of any society, hence what is thought to be morally wrong will most likely not become law in that area. However some laws are unaffected by moral values because they lie beyond the reach of moral and ethical values e.g. the cars should ply the left side of the roads.

On issues where the law doesn’t stipulate what are right or wrong, moral and ethical values will likely become the next port of call for answers?


In societies, there is bound to be conflicts between morality and the law especially in areas where people of different religions co-exist. Too, the moral and ethical values may look too ideal for a practical world where we live in while the laws deal with realities.

In the case of abortion, ethical values prohibit it’s practice because it intends to kill an unborn baby. However, some laws allow for it because of the health and life of the mother which may be under threat, this scenario was not accounted for by moral standards. Also, some things will look wrong in the eye of the law but on being weighed by moral standards, they are justified e.g. robbing the rich to help the poor. Click here.


The inclination of man to being a moral being affects the quality of laws governing the society. The conflict usually arises when morality which seeks for a perfect order is not in consonance with the law that seeks to serve the highest good to greater number of people.

Opening a Law Practice

Opening a Law Practice

Interested in opening a law practice? When you are a qualified lawyer, you can be sorely tempted to open a law practice of your own and it’s something which more do each and every day. For most lawyers, they love the idea of being their own boss and being able to help those they feel really need it. However, it is not always easy to open a new law practice even if you have many years of experience. The following are potentially a few tips you might find very useful today.

You Must Find a Suitable Venue

First and foremost, you have to find somewhere to set up your office. Working out from home is not always ideal for most Delaware estate lawyer as they need a lot of space to deal with each client. What’s more, you need a dedicated office so that clients believe you are a professional. It can look a bit sloppy to visit a lawyer at home and not a lot of people will feel overly comfortable either. However, when you look at having a dedicated office space, a proper office, you will find people like your services more. Lawyers require good venues to house their office so clients feel at ease.

Always Market Your Business Locally

Next, you have to look at marketing the business. This can be a bit tricky because you want to come over as a professional but it’s not always easy to know which marketing ploys are best. Sometimes, choosing a mistake of both old and new school techniques could be useful. For instance, if you use flyers or business cards with a mix of online marketing and advertising, it can be far more effective for you. This is something you want to think about when creating a law practice. You can to open a practice that attracts local clients as well as though farer afield. Local marketing is an important key and you shouldn’t neglect it.

Decide On Your Payment Structure and Pro-Bono Cases

You will also have to think about how much you will charge each client. Having a simple pricing and payment structure will make all the difference when it comes to setting up a practice. When you have these things, you can make things far easier and it really is important to know your fees before you start a business. Lawyers have to have set-fees for their clients so that clients understand your prices and feel comfortable when hiring you. What’s more, you have to decide about free or pro-bono cases. Do you want to take them on or not?

Enjoy Your Business

Opening a law practice or firm is not going to be easy, you have lots of competition out there and you have to showcase your best to attract clients. However, with a bit of know-how and hard work anything is possible. You shouldn’t be afraid to show the best of your business, even if you haven’t got a lot of years of experience. Setting up a law practice might seem difficult but it can be worth it once you are bringing in new clients.

Easy Law Practice Management Tips

Easy Law Practice Management Tips

When it comes to managing a law practice, it can be very difficult even at the best of times. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for several years or have just recently opened up the firm; it’s a difficult process for most people. The trouble is that most lawyers think their law practice management is working when in reality; they need a quick tune-up to make it more profitable and easier for their business. The following are a few quick management tips that might prove effective for your practice.

Have an Office Manager

If you have several members of staff working within the office, it can be difficult to manage them by yourself and to have to deal with their complaints and tasks on a daily basis too. That is why you need someone to act as an office manager to ensure any and all complaints go through them and to help manage the business more effectively. This will help to make life for all employees and yourself far easier and it is the smartest way to handle most practices. Lawyers who want to create their own law firm have to think about how they can manage the daily running of the business as well as how they can juggle their hectic workloads.

Ensure Everyone Has a Job that Fits Their Skills

You wouldn’t give a paralegal the duties that a qualified lawyer should handle so you have to ensure your employees are matched with the duties they are capable of handling. Far too many law practices don’t have roles which suit every member of staff and end up with a heap of trouble on their hands. It’s time to look at which staff you have, what roles must be handled and which employees can handle which duties. When you are able to match up each employee with a role, your law practice will run smoother. It’s a necessity to make life easier for you and all employees too.

Reduce Your Overheads

Sometimes, you can spend a fortune per month and ultimately per year on your overheads and it’s these things which can cause a law firm or practice to go out of business. You might not think law firms and practices are at risk of going out of business but if they are paying out more than what they take in, it’s likely. Remember, it’s a business at the end of the day and that means you have to look at reducing the waste and overheads where possible. It will make a real difference so it’s worth looking into.

Manage Your Practice Successfully

Management isn’t just about ensuring your business runs smoothly but also ensuring employees are happy and there is nothing left to chance. Without having an effective office, you will find your practice doesn’t work as you would like and it means potentially losing money. You have to take the time to ensure your management strategies are up to stretch and effective. A law practice can run smoothly with the right management.

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3 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Law Practice Online

3 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Law Practice Online

Marketing for an online law practice is tough. You have to use the right methods in order to get the best results and for most, they don’t get the results they hoped for. The trouble is a lot of newcomers aren’t sure how to go about marketing their website. At the end of the day, this has to be perfect so that the site has the best chance in bringing thousands of visitors per year. These visitors could turn out to be clients and without good marketing you could miss out. The following are three essential tips to help you market today.

Good Optimization Is Crucial

Optimizing a website is a very important part of any website. Your law practice online needs to be fully optimized so that it has the best ability to gain traffic from a range of people local and further afield. Optimization isn’t given much thought when it comes to setting up a website and yet it’s really quite important. Without optimization you could end up with a lot of poor results. For your law practice you want to ensure you use the best techniques to help it improve and be ranked high on search engine results too.

Using the Most Effective Keywords and Phrases Will Help Amazingly

What words are you using to attract the visitors? When you create a website you use keywords and key phrases to make your website appear on the search engine results page and the ones you use, will make all the difference. If you are using words which bring up a thousand other law practices it might be a struggle to get higher in the search engine rankings. You have to look at using unique phrases and keywords so that your law firm is found. It’s really important to use a mix of keywords so that you gain as much traffic as humanly possible online.

Good and Relevant Content

Let’s be honest, visitors coming into the website want to see content which is relevant to them and interesting. Fluffing articles or content on your website can be the fastest way to turn people off and that means losing out on customers and clients. You have to think about what type of content you are putting onto your website so that you can ensure your law practice is marketed in the most effective manner. Far too many law practices use content on their sites that have no use to their clients and no relevance to their sites either. It’s about good content to keep people interested.

Making Your Mark

When you want to set up a website online for your law firm or practice you have to ensure you go about it in the right manner. It’s easy to set up a website but another to get continuous traffic and to get results from those visitors too. Yes, you want people to know about your services and to visit your website too but at the end of the day, you need clients. You want people to see your site, read what you can offer them and have them hire you. That is the goal and you can’t lose sight of that when you are showcasing your law practice online.