Intro to California’s Wrongful Death Laws

Intro to California’s Wrongful Death Laws

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, and it only gets worse is you believe your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, you and your family may not know what to do with that information.

Fortunately, a San Diego wrongful death attorney can help. If you’re struggling with the untimely passing of a loved one, reach out for help getting your compensation. Knowing what to expect will help you and your family make the recovery you need during this difficult time.

Eligibility for Wrongful Death

Because the actually-injured party is no longer living, the people who can file for compensation is limited. Not everyone will have a chance to file, since filing is the duty of the personal representative, though other family members may still be awarded damages, depending on their losses.

Fortunately, California law allows the family to seek compensation and recover from the painful experience you’ve been through. If you’re one of the following people, you should be able to file for damages on behalf of your loved one:  

  • Their spouse or domestic partner
  • Their surviving children
  • Those who would be entitled to the property of the deceased

Damages for the Surviving Family

When you’ve lost a loved one, that can be costly, both financially and mentally. Fortunately, your compensation should reflect this. You’ll need compensation for both types of damages, giving your family the help it needs to move on.

For example, your loved one might have been the breadwinner of the household. They provided the wages your family needed, and without them, you’re left without an income to survive. On top of that, you might have high bills to pay for their final care, which leaves you deeper in debt.

Your emotional losses are important too, however. You and your family may have lost someone who provided you care, affection, and comfort. Get a lawyer’s help to find the worth of your intangible damages.

Getting Compensation for Your Family

Losing a loved one is a difficult time, but you don’t have to fight back alone. Your family has a chance to get compensation for the tragic death of a loved one, as well as the chance to seek justice for your family’s loss.

Fortunately, you should have the tools and information you need to file a claim. While a lawyer can help if you’re struggling to recover, California law makes it possible to fight back. Losing a loved one is painful, but you don’t have to suffer through grief and debt together.

Do You Drive for Work? Here’s What to Do After a Crash

It’s bad enough that you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, but when you rely on your car to earn a living, you are likely even more concerned with what’s going to happen next.

Fortunately, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits since you were injured while on-the-job. Continue reading to learn more about how you’ll qualify for workers comp in Iowa and what these benefits will consist of when your claim is approved.

When You Can Obtain Workers Comp Benefits

Under Iowa law, almost every employer is required to provide their employees with workers compensation protection through their insurance company. That way, if you do suffer an injury at work, you’ll be able to still support yourself and your family while you focus on your recovery.

As long as your injuries were caused by your work environment, in this case, being hurt in a car accident when you drive for a living, you should qualify for workers comp benefits. You may not be eligible for workers comp if you were committing a crime at the time of your injury, or if you were in violation of your company’s code of conduct.

Your attorney will need to examine the details of your case to determine whether or not you will be eligible for workers compensation benefits.

What You’ll Receive if Your Claim is Approved

First and foremost, you can expect the insurance company to cover all medical expenses you accrue as a result of your injuries. In this way, you’ll be able to avoid tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills that could’ve put you in serious debt.

You will also begin collecting disability benefits each week. It’s difficult to say how much you’ll receive, as it varies on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, depending on how serious your injuries were, you will collect anywhere between 66% and 80% of your average weekly earnings while you are out of work, or until you reach the maximum weeks allowable under Iowa law.

In the event that you are the surviving spouse or dependant child of someone who drove for a living, and this individual passed away as a result of their injuries, you could be entitled to death benefits that amount to 80% of the decedent’s average weekly salary.

As can be seen, the workers compensation benefits can be very helpful in staying afloat while you are unable to continue working after your work-related auto accident.

Consult With an Iowa Workers Comp Lawyer

If you’re interested in obtaining the workman’s compensation benefits you deserve for your auto accident at work in Iowa, but aren’t sure how to file a claim, or if you’ve file a workers comp claim but your claim has been denied, get help from a knowledgeable Iowa workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

Why are Accidents So Common in the Holland Tunnel?

Manhattan and Jersey City are two of the most important urban areas in the East Coast. A lot of people do business in both locations. They require a fast, reliable, and efficient way to travel to and fro. The Holland Tunnel is among the few paths that link these places together. Authorities pay close attention to this vital conduit due to its value to commuters and the frequency of accidents in the tunnel. So, why are accidents so common in the Holland Tunnel?

A Brief History of the Holland Tunnel

Let’s look back at how it started. This was an ambitious project that was conceptualized in the early 1900s. The proponents first thought of building over the Hudson River, but that proved to be problematic. They eventually opted to build a tunnel instead. It opened in 1927 after a seven-year construction period. Back then, it was considered as the longest of its kind in the world and the first to feature mechanical ventilation. The tunnel was named after its chief engineer who died before he could see the finished work. It has undergone several changes and upgrades throughout the years.

Past Accidents in and Around the Tunnel

While there are now a few other options, the Holland Tunnel remains popular among commuters who frequently shuffle from New York to New Jersey and vice versa. The large volume of traffic is one of the major reasons why so many accidents have happened inside it. It is estimated that an average of 46,000 vehicles go through the tunnel every day. Authorities have tried to manage the volume by banning single-occupancy vehicles during rush hour, as well as other traffic reduction measures.

The very first fatal crash was recorded way back in 1932 or four years after the opening. Two were injured while one person died. There are also been bigger unfortunate incidents like the 1949 Holland Tunnel fire. It began inside a truck containing chemicals and spread across the south tube. This caused massive damage to the structure and resulted in recorded 69 injuries. Two first responders died trying to contain the fire. Other fires have occurred since then. They result in extensive repairs to the structure to prevent collapse.

Despite the best efforts, accidents will continue to happen inside the tunnel for as long as vehicles pass through it. If you find yourself in such a crash, call an auto accident lawyer in NYC to discuss your legal options.



Getting Help with a Divorce in Terre Haute, IN

According to a 2016 report by, Indiana has the sixth highest divorce rate in the United States. The primary cause of divorce is low incomes. The Indiana median household income is around $5,000 less than the nationwide average.

As of 2017, Indiana has a population of over 6 million people. Around 40% of Indiana’s population is married. This state has one of the highest marriage rates in America.

In 2016, 19 out of every 1000 married individuals in Indiana divorced. The state with the highest divorce rate is Arkansas, with a divorce rate of 23 out of every 1,000 married people. Getting help with a divorce in Terre Haute, IN is important for those who want to divorce.

Financial Hardships and Child Problems in Indiana

According to Wikipedia, the divorce rate in America is higher for low-income couples (17%), compared to high-income couples (11%).

Many Indiana citizens are facing financial hardships. Some are earning less than they are supposed to earn. There are those who have papers but do not have jobs. They are also bothered by credit card debt, mortgage debt and other debts. All these contribute to marriage failure.

Couples in Indiana frequently argue about finances and children. These create discord in a relationship and form the foundation for divorce.

Divorce Variables in Indiana


Lower income increases the likelihood of divorce. Men with higher incomes are less likely to seek divorce. Higher income couples have less financial strains and that facilitates marriage longevity.

Education Level

Educated couples tend to divorce less than uneducated couples do. A 2012 study by Pew Research Center showed that marriages, where both partners have a bachelor’s degree, are highly likely to last past the second decade.


Crossing racial/ethnic lines increases the probability of divorce. A 2008 study by Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) showed that interracial couples had a higher divorce rate than same-race couples.

Interracial marriages involving white females and non-white males are highly susceptible to divorce. According to the study, Black husband and White wife marriages are twice more likely to end up in divorce than all White couples.

White and Hispanic couples also have a higher divorce rate than White/White marriages. Black wife and White husband marriages are 44% less likely to end up in divorce compared to White/White marriages.

The Bottom Line

You should not handle Indiana divorce without professional assistance. Getting help with a divorce in Terre Haute, IN should be the case. A Terre Haute divorce lawyer will help with child custody, property division, child maintenance, and visitation rights among other issues.  The lawyer will offer you advice and represent you in court.



Common Causes of Spine Injuries

Dealing with any injury can affect your day-to-day, it’s at best a nuisance. At worst, you could be struggling to recover from your injuries and get back to your life. Sadly, spinal cord injuries are usually devastating and can haunt you for the rest of your life.

What causes these spinal injuries? Serious accidents can be tough to avoid, but protecting yourself from these difficult injuries can be tough. Knowing what to expect and how to fight back will be vital to your claim, so be prepared before and after an accident.

Car Accidents

Often, spine injuries come from traumatic impacts. While your spinal cord is surrounded by bone that should protect it, enough force can shatter those bones. When that happens, the spinal cord may be completely or incompletely severed. If you suffered a complete injury, you’ll have no feeling or mobility below the point of the injury.

Unfortunately, that’s not a rare situation for those in serious car accidents. The force of the impact can damage the spine, leaving you possibly paralyzed after an accident. These injuries can take months to recover from, and you may never fully regain mobility and sensation.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

While your accident may not be as serious as a car accident, it can still cause a lot of suffering. For example, many people suffer back and spine injuries from serious falls. While it might not cause a complete injury, it can still damage your spine.

An incomplete injury might not be as devastating, but it can still leave you in a difficult position. You may need rehabilitation, therapy, or surgery to fully regain your sensation or range of motion, and that takes both time and money. If you’ve suffered a spine injury and need compensation for it, you’ll need to fight back for the funds you need to recover.

Compensation for a Spine Injury

It’s unfortunate, but spinal injuries can happen in many types of accidents, from a simple fall to a devastating car crash. You might be left with some physical therapy and medical care, or you may need rehabilitation to deal with your permanent impairment.

If you’ve suffered a spine injury, no matter what the cause, you’ll need an injury lawyer in Boston to help you recover. It can be tough to fight back for your spine injury compensation alone, but fortunately, a lawyer can guide you through it. They want you to succeed with your claim, so reach out for the help you need today.

Recovering from a Truck Accident

While any accident can leave you badly injured, a truck accident can be especially serious. You’ve been hit by a vehicle several times larger than your own vehicle, and you’re suffering because of it. So, what can you do now?

Fortunately, while recovering from a truck accident is difficult, you’ll have the chance to recover both your health and your finances. Your crash could take time and energy to recover, but you’ll have an opportunity through a lawsuit.

Handling Your Injuries

First, however, you’ll need to focus on your injuries. Because an 18-wheeler is so much larger than your car, the injuries you’ll likely suffer are catastrophic. You’ll need medical care for your serious injuries, and these can take weeks or years to recover from.

During this time, you may be unable to work or take care of your other responsibilities, which can be stressful. As such, you may need to seek compensation for your suffering.

If you’ve suffered any of these serious injuries, you’ll need to seek a lawsuit for your injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash

Finding the Person at Fault

Unfortunately, your insurance company might not cover all your damages. Even if you’re in a “no-fault” state, serious injuries often mean that you’ll need to sue the person responsible. So, who is responsible? It might not be the person responsible for the crash.

When dealing with a semi-truck accident, the driver is at work behind the wheel. When a worker injures someone in the course of their job, however, the employer is typically the one responsible. This means that you and your attorney will need to seek out the employer for compensation, not the driver who injured you.

Getting Compensation for Your Accident

Unfortunately, you might be suffering a lot for the injuries the other driver caused. You’re in serious pain, and you’ll need compensation for your suffering. So, you’ll need to file a lawsuit for an 18-wheeler crash.

Sadly, that’s easier said than done when you’re seriously injured. It’s tough to deal with the pain and trauma while juggling a lawsuit, but your recovery is vital. That’s why you’ll need to fight back and speak to a lawyer about your claim, before you get started.

Reach out for help when you’re recovering after a truck crash. You’ll need their help to get the full compensation you deserve and deal with the suffering you’ve been put through by a careless driver.

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy as a solution for couples unable to conceive has become increasingly commonplace and accepted; several thousand surrogacies take place in the US every year, and many other countries have embraced the concept.

However, it’s still not an easy decision for most people to make, and choosing an agency can be a challenge. If you are wondering how to choose a surrogacy agency, it will take plenty of research, perhaps talking to others who have gone through the process, and gathering as much information as possible. Don’t let the cost solely influence your decision; you also want to deal with a reputable, well established and approachable agency, on that is compassionate and caring about its clients, yet professional at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to if your goal is to find the top US surrogacy center. During the introductory meeting you may want to ask not only how long the agency has been in business, but what motivated them to provide this service and what are their values and beliefs. You may want to establish whether any lawsuits have been brought against the agency, which doesn’t necessarily mean you should exclude them, but which can be a red flag. Also important to you will be the  specialists and clinics that the agency has relationships with.

One of your biggest concerns is ensuring that the agency’s surrogates are thoroughly pre-screened. proper pre-screening of a surrogate involves far more than simply talking to that person on the phone or filling in paperwork; it should involve psychological screening, social worker visits, a criminal background check, verifying financial background, and of course a full medical check. Most surrogacy agencies are happy to explain their screening process, and understand that to potential parents, it’s one of their biggest concerns.

Of course, the financial side of the process is important too, as you can assume this process will cost you at least $50,000, and often a lot more than that. You will need to know what exactly is included in the agency’s fees, what the extent of any payment plan is, how the surrogates are paid and how the agency’s financial affairs are handled, as well as whether you will need additional funds to cover legal costs.

Feeling confident and comfortable with the surrogacy agency you have chosen is an important part of the overall process.

How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Injury Claim

Because there are so many to choose from, selecting the right personal injury lawyer to help you with your case could be a challenge. Some personal injury lawyers have their names spread all over television and the radio, while others have no advertisements at all. You can find some attorneys in beautiful high-rise buildings and others in a strip mall downtown. No matter where you hear about them or their location, it’s essential that you learn how to pick the right attorney for your injury claim. Let’s look at some tips below.

Use Your Network

  • For those who have been involved in other legal matters including divorce or any other civil case, contact that lawyer to receive a referral. Under most circumstance, you had a good relationship with them, and they will put you in contact with someone with their same values.
  • Request advice from friends and family members who have used a personal injury lawyer like Lopez and Humphries, Attorneys at Law, for example, in the past and had a positive experience.
  • If your friends or loved ones have not used a personal injury lawyer, but they have retained a lawyer for another purpose and have had positive experiences, ask them for a referral.

The Initial Consultation

Once you’ve received a few referrals, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Remember reputable attorneys do not charge for these meetings. During this first visit, be sure to bring all of your documentation. It’s at this point that you can become acquainted with the attorney, as well as develop a good idea of how they will work on your case.

Under some circumstances, cases could last several months or a couple of years. Your relationship with your personal injury lawyer begins with the initial consultation and, following an honest evaluation of this time together, you can decide if this is the right person for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could you meet with the attorney? If the lawyer is too busy for a meeting, then it’s a good indication that communicating with them is going to be difficult throughout the process. However, busy law firms will have good paralegals on staff who handles cases adequately and effectively initially.
  • How organized was the office? If the office is disorganized, this is a sign that the lawyer is also working in a disorderly manner. As a result, these actions could lead to lost documents and files, missed court appearances and deadlines, and cases mishandled.
  • Was everyone professional and well-groomed? Because your attorney is going to be attending depositions or court hearings with other lawyers, it’s critical that they maintain a professional demeanor and appearance.

Locate a Trustworthy Attorney

It’s critical that you have complete confidence in your personal injury ( lawyer. If you’re second-guessing them throughout your case, then it’s an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. Consider using your network for locating someone accountable and trustworthy. While the use of advertisements ( will help you determine what types of cases attorneys work with, as well as where their practices are located, they should not be how you solely base your decision.

How Injured Do You Need to Be to Sue?

You’ve seen one of many commercials telling you to come to some law firm with your injuries. Whether it’s a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, or a mistake by your doctor, you might have already suffered an injury, and you’re thinking about whether it’s worth it to file.

However, your injuries don’t seem that serious to you, and you’re concerned that you’re not injured enough. So, what’s the threshold that you have to meet? How hurt do you need to be to sue?

While there’s no list of injuries that you can file a claim for, contact a personal injury law firm

for help with your claim. A lawyer can review your injury and its impact, then help you decide whether to file your claim.

Dealing with the Costs

First, look at the expenses you’ve accrued after the accident. If you have suffered a monetary loss for your injuries, you might need to file a claim with the insurance company and get your compensation for the financial damages you’ve suffered.

This financial loss doesn’t just mean your medical expenses, however. If your injuries are serious enough, you may be unable to work for some time, which means a loss of income. Since you wouldn’t have missed that work if you weren’t injured, you should include these as well in your claim.

As such, if you’ve suffered because someone else was careless with your safety, consider taking your claim to a personal injury lawyer. They can help you determine whether your case qualifies and what your claim is worth.

The Impact on Your Life

However, an injury doesn’t just make an impact on your bank account. An injury can affect your life in intangible but important ways that may also warrant compensation.

For example, let’s say you’re a model, and you were in a car accident. Your medical bills aren’t very high, but you did break your nose, and the damage is especially visible. Now, it’s affecting your job. As a model, you rely on your looks, and a broken nose can hurt you in more ways than physical.

As such, you might argue that your injuries have affected your quality of life. Your job has been affected, and that has caused you more suffering than a broken nose might cause people working in a different industry.

So, if you’re concerned about the emotional and mental impact of your injury, speak to your lawyer. They can look at the severity of your injuries and what compensation you should receive for that injury.

Getting Compensated for an Injury

When it comes to an injury, many of us might say, “Is it that bad?” A lawsuit can be a lengthy, difficult process, and you might be concerned that your injuries aren’t serious enough to warrant a claim.

However, any injury that is expensive to you could be grounds for a lawsuit. If you’re concerned about the costs of your injuries, but you’re not sure that you qualify for a personal injury suit, speak to a lawyer about your claim. They’ll review your case and help you decide what your next steps will be.

No-Fault Accident Claims in Michigan

After a car accident, you’ll need to seek out compensation for the damages you’ve suffered, which could be severe. For most people, this means contacting your insurance company after the accident and reporting it, so that your insurance adjuster can calculate your claim’s worth.

But, you might have seen things like “no-fault” on your insurance claim, and now that you’ve had an accident, you need to know what that means for you. It can change the way your claim is handled, and it can affect how you’ll pursue your claim.

Unsure how to proceed? Get help with a no-fault accident claim, so that you know exactly what to expect after your car crash.

What Does “No-Fault” Mean?

First, what makes a “no-fault” state different from a “fault” state? This generally notes who’s responsible for the settlement costs after an accident: your insurance company or the other driver.
In no-fault states, your insurance company covers all the expenses, up to a certain amount. This means that it doesn’t matter who caused the accident. Even if you were mostly responsible for the accident, the insurance company should still offer you a settlement for your suffering.

In comparison, the fault system requires that the other driver’s insurance company reimburse yours, through a process called subrogation. Otherwise, they’ll have to take their claim to court and fight for the compensation they deserve when another driver hits them.

The no-fault system is meant to help you avoid this. Accident claims make up a large part of the claims seen daily, but the no-fault system reduces these, compensating you when you’d otherwise have to drag your case out in court.

The “Serious Injury” Threshold

Unfortunately, some injuries might cross the “serious injury” threshold, meaning you’ll need to do more to get the full compensation you deserve. This means that you can’t simply rely on your insurance company to provide your settlement, so you’ll need to prepare for a court claim if your injuries are severe.

Certain injuries are classified as “serious,” which means that they go beyond the typical costs of an injury. This includes death, serious impairment, or disfigurement.

So, let’s say you were in a car crash that paralyzed you from the waist down. Rather than relying on your insurance company to cover all the damages for your serious injury, you would instead file a claim against the other driver for the full compensation you deserve.

This means fighting for your claim when you’re suffering most. Your injuries are severe enough to qualify for a court claim, and you’re dealing with the mental and emotional trauma that comes with one of these injuries. While it may be more complex, however, you should receive the full compensation you deserve for your claim by fighting back.

Getting Help with Your Car Crash

Unfortunately, car accidents can be serious, and now you’re stuck dealing with the aftermath. It’s unfortunate, and it means that you’ll be dealing with a lot of pain and suffering because of your injuries. Fortunately, living in a no-fault state can help.

In many cases, you’ll simply need to file a claim with your insurer to get the compensation you need. When your injuries are too severe for this, however, you might need a lawyer on your side. They can fight for you and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

If you were in an accident, be sure you know your rights as a resident of a no-fault state. You’ll need to be ready to get your settlement of protect your claim when you need it.